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McIntosh C2200 (w/ C2300 Internal Upgrades) 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Preamplifier (9/10)

McIntosh C2200 (w/ C2300 Internal Upgrades) 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Preamplifier (9/10)

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G3Fi's 30-day warranty applies. 

This item has been upgraded to C2300 internal components and with LED lighting upgrade.  The service center who performed the upgrades offers phone support on this item.


"The McIntosh C2200 was one of the finest line-stage preamps I have ever used, and far and away the most user-friendly in terms of features. I don't think you'll find a better tubed line-stage for $4500—the C2200 merits a Class A recommendation for this reason alone. As for LPs, the C2200's onboard phono section may be all you need." -Stereophile


Sydney Codaman, who designed the 50th anniversary model MC2000 including the C22 and MC275, developed a vacuum tube preamplifier to take advantage of the performance of the MC2000/MC2102.

Variable Rate Volume (VRV) digital electronic volume with 214 steps in increments of 0.5 dB makes it possible to adjust the volume with high precision as if it were an analog volume. It also has a structure that is resistant to changes in contact points over time, enabling long-term stable operation.

It uses an electromagnetic switch filled with inert gas. Since it is resistant to oxidation, it enables distortion-free signal switching without contact failure over a long period of time.  It is equipped with independent left and right blue-eyes meters to monitor output levels over a range of 70 dB.  Equipped with an automatic turn-on delay, the output is muted until the vacuum tube is warm and ready for output, reducing the influence of noise etc. caused by external devices.

Type Tube type preamplifier
Rated output voltage Balance : 5 v (RMS)
Unbalanced : 2.5 v (RMS)
Maximum output voltage Balanced : 16 v (RMS)
Unbalanced : 8 v (RMS)
Output impedance Balance : 500 Ω
Unbalanced : 250 Ω
Input Sensitivity / Impedance Line (Balanced) : 450mV/44k Ω
Line (unbalanced) : 450mV/22k Ω
Phono MM : 4.5mV/47k Ω
Gain Line → Preout : 15 dB
Line to tape output : 0 dB
Phono MM → Preout : 55 dB
Total harmonic distortion factor Not more than 0.08%
Input terminal Line RCA : 8 systems (Phono MM/Aux switching 1 system)
Line XLR : 4 systems
Recording output terminal RCA : 1 system
Pre-out terminal RCA : Route 3
XLR : Route 3
Vacuum tube used 12AX7x4
Power consumption 75W
Maximum external dimensions Width 445x Height 194x Depth 410 mm
Weight 13.0kg
Attachment Remote control
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