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McIntosh MA6500 Integrated Amplifier

McIntosh MA6500 Integrated Amplifier

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2-Channel Solid State Integrated Amplifier

  • Manufactured 1999 - 2008
  • 200 Watts x 2 Channels


Your decision to own this McIntosh MA6500 Integrated
Amplifier ranks you at the very top among discriminating
music listeners. You now have “The Best.” The McIntosh
dedication to “Quality,” is assurance that you will receive
many years of musical enjoyment from this unit.
Please take a short time to read the information in this
manual. We want you to be as familiar as possible with all
the features and functions of your new McIntosh.
• Power Output
The MA6500 consists of two separate power amplifier
channels, each capable of 200 watts and a sophisticated
control center in one compact unit with less than 0.005%
• Power Guard
Both channels include the patented McIntosh Power Guard
circuit that prevents the amplifier from being overdriven
into clipping with its harsh distorted sound that can also
damage your valuable loudspeakers.
• Electronic Input Switching
Digital Logic integrated circuits drive Electromagnetic
switches on all six inputs and operating functions for reliable, noiseless, distortion free switching.
• Speaker Switching
Front panel Speaker push-buttons control two switched
outputs that allow you to send signals to two separate pairs
of loudspeakers.
• Sentry Monitor and Thermal Protection
McIntosh Sentry Monitor power output stage protection
circuits ensure the MA6500 will have a long and trouble
free operating life. Built-in thermal protection circuits
guard against overheating.
• Illuminated Power Meters
The illuminated power output watt meters on the MA6500
are peak responding, and indicate the power output of the

Power Output
Minimum sine wave continuous average power output per
channel, all channels operating is:
200 watts into 4 ohm load
120 watts into 8 ohm load
Rated Power Band
20Hz to 20,000Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion
Maximum Total Harmonic Distortion at any power
level from 250 milliwatts to rated power output is:
0.005% for 4 or 8 ohm loads
Dynamic Headroom
F requency Response
+0, -0.5dB from 20Hz to 20,000Hz
+0, -3dB from 10Hz to 100,000Hz
Phono, 2.5mV for 2.5V rated output (0.5mV IHF)
High Level, 250mV for 2.5V rated output (50mV IHF)
Power Amplifier Input, 2.5V for rated output
Signal To Noise Ratio (A Weighted)
90dB (84dB IHF) below 10mV input, Phono Input
100dB (90dB IHF) below rated output, High Level
110dB below rated output, Power Amplifier
Intermodulation Distortion
Maximum Intermodulation Distortion if instantaneous peak output per channel does not exceed
twice the rated output, for any combination of frequencies from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, with all channels
operating is:
0.005% for 4 or 8 ohm loads
Input Impedance
Phono, 47K ohms, 65pF
High Level, 22K ohms
Maximum Input Signal
Phono, 90mV
High Level, 8V
Preamplifier Maximum Voltage Output
Phono, 8V at tape output
High Level, 8V at tape output
Main Out, 8V at preamp output
Voltage Gain
High Level to Tape: 0dB
High Level to Main: 20dB
Damping Factor
120 at 4 ohms
230 at 8 ohms
Power Requirements
100 Volts, 50/60Hz at 7.4 amps
110 Volts, 50/60Hz at 6.2 amps
120 Volts, 50/60Hz at 6.2 amps
220 Volts, 50/60Hz at 3.1 amps
230 Volts, 50/60Hz at 3.1 amps
240 Volts, 50/60Hz at 3.1 amps
Note: Refer to the rear panel of the MA6500 for the correct
Overall Dimensions
Front Panel: 17-1/2 inches (44.45cm) wide, 7-1/8 inches
(18.10cm) high. Depth behind front mounting panel is 16-
1/2 inches (41.91cm). Clearance required in front of the
Front Panel is 1 inch (2.54cm) for knobs.
74.5 pounds (33.8 Kg) net, 92.5 pounds (41.7 Kg) in shipping carton

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