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VIABLUE™ SC-6 Air Jumpers 0.15 meter with T8 Spades (both ends) - 2 pairs

VIABLUE™ SC-6 Air Jumpers 0.15 meter with T8 Spades (both ends) - 2 pairs

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VIABLUE™ SC-6 AIR Silver-Series jumper bridges provide you with a pure sound and crystal clear acoustic patterns, brilliant highs and powerful basses. A striking distinction of all frequencies creates a wide and open stage.


VIABLUE™ SC-6 AIR jumper bridges consist of the 3 single conductors of the SC-6 AIR speaker cables. Each of these conductors contain 6 single strands, which are arranged in a circular fashion around isolating Air Pipes.


The set-up of combining air pipes with transmitting strands ensures a physical separation of the conductors and thus of all frequencies. The result: No disturbing temporary hold of electrical charges, so-called capacity, within the cable. The Air Pipe system also prevents inductance, unwanted magnetic fields.


VIABLUE™ SC-6 AIR jumper bridges guarantee a complete and fast signal transmission true to the original. Enjoy brilliantly isolated musical elements and impressive timbres.


Connection between high-pass and low-pass

The SC-6 cable bridges replace existing sheet metal bridges on bi-wire loudspeaker terminals. This offers a precise high frequency rendition and vibrant basses due to a loss-free connection. Stated lengths are measured between the connectors at the visible cable.


Hear every single detail

3 main conductors each containing 6 single conductors – 1x high-pass, 1x mid, 1x low-pass

342 single strands with 3 Airpipes per cable bridge

High-pass silvered, mid tinned, low-pass pure OFC copper

VIABLUE™ SC-6 Air Silver speaker cable consists of six individually insulated silver conductors surrounded by a special polyethylene jacket to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI).


VIABLUE™ SC-6 AIR jumper bridges consist of 3 strands of a SC-6 AIR speaker cable. During production, the outer shell, as well as 4 parting airpipes are removed. The 6 single conductors of the cable are then assembled to 2 jumper bridges. Once finished, each cable bridge contains 3 strands, including 6 single conductors, as well as one airpipe.


Arrangement of transmission conductors in circular assembled bundles of 6 each

Very low capacities from approx. 63 resp. 91 pF/m (single conductor to single conductor)

Complete and fast signal transmission true to the original

No disturbing temporary hold of electrical charges within the cable

Result: Brilliant, refined musical elements and impressive timbres

Customized with VIABLUE™ T6s Spades

Full metal housing, made of black, satin-matt aluminum

24 carat real gold-plated

For an optimal contact pressure




OFC Copper

OFC means oxygen-free copper and is an electrolytically refined copper used for its high conductivity with a maximum level of oxygen of 0.001%.



VIABLUE™ Air Pipes

are flexible, air filled silicone tubes. They ensure a clean isolation and physical separation of strands and frequencies.





3 conductors per cable bridge: 1x high-pass, 1x mid, 1x low-pass

Total cross sectional area of 6.12 mm²

114 single OFC copper strands per cable bridge

Outer Ø incl. heat shrink: 13 mm

24 carat real gold-plated T6S Spades Plugs

Very low capacities of appr. 91 pF/m (conductor to conductor)

Burn-in time: approx: 30 hours

Available size: 15 cm


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