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VIABLUE™ T6S IEC C15 World Plug

VIABLUE™ T6S IEC C15 World Plug

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High-end plug connection

  • 24 carat real gold-plated contacts
  • Flexible cable input for cable Ø 6 - 16 mm
  • Unique VIABLUE™ Ultragrip scratch-resistant surface
  • Super-solid shell, flame-retardant, break-proof

Available contacts

  • CEE 7/7 Schutzkontakt EU plug
  • IEC C15 world plug
  • NEMA 5-15P US plug
  • IEC C7 world plug
  • IEC C19 world plug

For stable and clean electricity we recommend

Diameter Decreaser

Centric adjustment of cables with small Ø from 3 mm. They reduce the inner diameter where cables are mounted to provide a perfect fit and a professional cable assembly.


  • Finishing: 24 carat real gold-plating
  • Cable input with strain relief for cable Ø 6 - 16 mm
  • VIABLUE™ Ultragrip coating, scratch-resistant, satin finish
  • Centered cable mounting through 2 different diameter decreasers
  • Dust-free cable sealing through soft-disc technology
  • Cable fixing by double screw connection
  • Connector shell made of a flame-retardant and break-proof polycarbonate material
  • Total length 92 mm
  • Max. Ø 40 mm
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