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VIABLUE SC-6 Air Single Wire Speaker Cable Pair with T8 Banana Plugs

VIABLUE SC-6 Air Single Wire Speaker Cable Pair with T8 Banana Plugs

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VIABLUE™ SC-6 AIR Silver speaker cables are our reference cables for first-class music enjoyment with crystal-clear sound, brilliant highs and expressive, dynamic bass on a spacious stage with clear differentiation of individual elements.

6 individual wires in a circular arrangement around an airpipe transmit the three frequency ranges of high, medium and low frequencies isolated from each other. Each of these 6 individual wires is divided into another 6 individual conductors, which are also arranged in a circle around additional airpipes.

The VIABLUE™ Airpipe system creates spatial separation of the individual frequency ranges and individual wires. This prevents unwanted charge storage inside the cable, so-called capacitances, and ensures optimal signal transmission. At the same time, the airpipe system prevents the creation of magnetic fields, so-called inductance. This creates a completely natural and authentic sound with fast signal transmission at the same time.

Let every single detail be heard

  • 684 individual strands made of selected, chemically highly pure OFC copper
  • 36 signal conductors - 6 signal conductors are combined in one of the 6 individual wires
  • 10 air pipes
  • Total Ø of 26 mm

The VIABLUE™ SC-6 Air Silver Speaker Cable consists of six individually insulated silver conductors surrounded by a special polyethylene jacket to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Isolated transmission of all frequency ranges from each other

  • Brilliant highs thanks to silver-plated OFC copper strands
  • True-to-detail midrange thanks to tinned OFC copper strands
  • Powerful bass thanks to bare OFC copper strands

Division of the signal conductors into bundles of 6 arranged in a circle

  • No unwanted temporary storage of charge in the cable
  • Very low capacities of approx. 63 or 91 pF/m (single wire to single wire)
  • No creation of electric magnetic fields, so-called inductance
  • Complete and fast signal transmission
  • Result: Brilliant, sharply defined musical elements and impressive timbres

Assembled with VIABLUE™ T8 banana plugs

  • Contacts with optimal contact pressure
  • 24 carat real gold plated

Additional features:

  • VIABLUE™ Cobra braided sleeving
  • VIABLUE™ SC-AIR splitter – for cleanly terminated wire routing

OFC copper

is a chemically highly pure, oxygen-free copper with particularly high electrical conductivity. OFC means “Oxygen Free Copper”.

VIABLUE™ Airpipes

are flexible, air-filled silicone tubes for clean insulation and spatial separation of individual wires and frequencies.

VIABLUE™ splitter

ensure precise and well thought-out cable routing. By stabilizing all individual cables, they prevent kink damage to cable outlets.

Viablue made in Germany

VIABLUE™ cables are manufactured in Germany and assembled by hand. This is how we guarantee first-class quality and musical enjoyment.


  • 6 wires: 2x high frequency, 2x mid frequency, 2x low frequency
  • Total cross section of 12.24 mm²
  • 684 strands made of OFC copper
  • 36 signal conductors: 6 signal conductors each combined in 6 individual wires
  • 10 air pipes
  • Cable Ø including braided sleeving: 27 mm
  • 24k real gold plated VIABLUE™ T8 banana plugs
  • Optional: VIABLUE™  T6s cable lugs ,  T6s flexible pins
  • VIABLUE™  SC-AIR splitter : Ø 36 mm
  • Available versions: Single-Wire , Bi-Wire , Bi-Amping , Tri-Wire and Tri-Amping
  • Very low capacities of approx. 63 or 91 pF/m (single wire to single wire)
  • Break-in time: approx. 30 hours

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